Frequently Asked Questions

The decision of whether to use an urgent care facility or an emergency room often comes down to the type of illness or injury you are experiencing. The rule of thumb is if your illness or injury is something that you would normally have no problem being seen by your primary care physician, then being seen at an urgent care is likely just fine.

However, if you are experiencing an illness or injury that is causing extreme distress; like bleeding, chest pain, shortness of breath, excessive vomiting, extreme pain from a headache or other area, then an emergency room is a more appropriate setting. In fact, you might even consider dialing 9-1-1.

Many urgent care centers have the ability to evaluate, manage and stabilize any injury or illness in order to transfer you to a higher level of care. If in doubt, you can certainly seek care at an urgent care, just understand that they may then transfer you to an emergency room if your condition requires more extensive diagnostics or treatment.

There is no need for an appointment at Big Apple Urgent Care – simply walk in during business hours to be seen.  If you would like to schedule an appointment for one of our services, please contact us.

We treat patients 2 years old and older.

Big Apple Urgent Care’s list of accepted insurance plans continues to grow! Please contact us with questions about your coverage.  We also accept most Medicaid, Medicare, and Affordable Care Act exchange plans.

We offer flat fees for our services for any patient who is without insurance or who may have a high deductible. You may pay by cash or credit card.

Contact our office to see how we can help you receive the medical care you need and deserve affordably.

Please bring a form of identification, your insurance card, and your method of payment (cash or credit card accepted).